Weather you walk your path in total darkness or blazing light you are equally blind. But blend the two into balanced portions and your path becomes much clearer.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Death and Fear

I am dead and I am afraid

I died alone and in great fear

I tried hard to believe in things after death but I was confused and distracted by life

I saw the light and was drawn towards it like a moth to a flame

Now I stand on the endless vista of life after death and am confused

I see so many possibilities, so many paths before me

Fear creeps into my spirit once again

Where am I supposed to go, am I going to heaven, am I going to hell

But I could never bring myself to truly believe in either

I am a lost soul, an orphan alone and afraid

Something approaches me from the horizon of unending possibilities

He is great, powerful and he carries the blackness of death

But with each step he takes my fear and loneliness fades bit by bit

He's strange, black and canine but I feel growing peace and happiness

As he smiles warmly and takes my hand I know who he is, Anpu and he is my friend

The last of my fear and confusion vanish with his touch

I feel confident, I feel safe

I am no longer lost or an orphan

With his help and limitless patience I will find my path


Anpu is the ancient egyptain name for Anubis (which is the greek name for him). One of his most loved duties is being the Patron of Lost Souls and Orphans.


  1. Quite profound.. although a similar situation might arise in a lifetime too. Don't we feel dead when our hearts break, detached and lifeless, staring at the walls or studying thin air melting into the darkness? And how many doubts, misconceptions, fears and nightmares arise through that one moment of death? Wish Anpu would help lost souls like these too.

  2. I believe he is helping me in this way and has been all my life. But yes I too wish he could help all lost souls.