Weather you walk your path in total darkness or blazing light you are equally blind. But blend the two into balanced portions and your path becomes much clearer.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Brother

I love you my brother

But I also hate you

I can clearly remember the beauty in you

The creative energetic youth

Full to brimming with fun and excitement

I also can clearly remember the ugliness in you

The selfish manipulator

Hurting and destroying those around you for shits and giggles

You are gone now my brother

And I miss you

I feel a deep sadness my brother

I wish we could have been brothers

In more than blood


Yes my friends I have a brother who is dead as well, but he died over a decade ago of  a drug overdose. My last memory of him is of the monster within him consuming him. To this day I'm still not fully sure how I feel about him.


  1. A lot of mixed emotions presented in this piece, and an excellent write up. =)


  2. Thank you, isn't it strange how deep inner pain and love creates such good poetry...

  3. Truly strange. When inner pain is at its worst, that brings out emotions even without the mind, doing any thinking process. It was sad, but the best thing in it was, when you write I love you and I miss you in spite of everything.

  4. I do feel that way in spite of everything... I just wish he... I just wish things could have been different.

  5. Greetings! I was just added to your poetry group at Poets United...I am intrigued, to say the least, by your work!

  6. Thank you, I will be exploring your work very shortly.

  7. This is powerful. I'm glad you are writing about your loss. Whatever comes to you is right for now.

  8. A poem with deep feelings, beautifully written. Very sad. Keep writing!

  9. Judy: I find expressing my painful emotions to be very healing. There are many good things in my life as well, I am surrounded by friends who I love and love me in return.

    Priyanka: Thank you very much.

    Sherry: Thank you and I will. I actually have many other poems already written, I just need to get the ambition to move them over here.