Weather you walk your path in total darkness or blazing light you are equally blind. But blend the two into balanced portions and your path becomes much clearer.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 21

They gave me 20 days to live

On day 1 I was too shocked to feel

On day 2 I argued with the doctors

On day 3 my mate and I sobbed in each others arms

On days 4 through 11 I accepted the endless condolences

On day 12 I refused all visitors to brood

On day 13 I felt death creeping slowly into my soul

On day 14 I felt my body following the will of my soul

On day 15 I let my mate visit again

On day 16 we made passionate love to the disapproving frowns of the doctors

On day 17 I allowed all visitors back

On day 18 I fell into a desperate rage and chased all out but my mate

On day 19 deep fear entered into my soul... I wasn't ready to die

On day 20 I accepted my fate and went to bed at peace

On day 21 I woke to the realization that we were all fools and walked out of the hospital arm in arm with my mate


  1. *chuckle*

    Thank you very much, I don't hold back in my work.

  2. lovely piece...
    love the perspective.

    here is mine:

  3. Wow, so glad there was a happy ending! Well done.

  4. Nice...this was like Kübler-Ross's stages of grief but with a kick-ass ending...enjoyable read indeed. (^_^)

  5. Jingle: Thank you, I will read your work shortly.

    Sherry: I adore happy endings, there are not enough of them in life.

    Dasun: I love writing unexpected and/or unusual endings. I'm glad you enjoyed.