Weather you walk your path in total darkness or blazing light you are equally blind. But blend the two into balanced portions and your path becomes much clearer.

Monday, September 27, 2010

The First Born

When the primeval egg of life first cracked open you sprung out

The most vigorous and dangerous of life's gifts to the world

The very elements of creation at your beck and call

Your beautiful flights flooded the ancient skies

Stretching from horizon to horizon

Fighting, playing and shaping the world beneath you

The world was so full of endless wonder when you flew the skies

And just as full of danger

But as the ages passed away one after the other

You passed away with them... one after the other

Where have you gone my magnificent dragons

The world misses your dangerous beauty

We are all so much smaller without you


  1. Beautiful and heart-tugging. "We are all so much smaller without you." Beautiful writing, Looksfar!

  2. brilliant words.

    dangerous beauty..
    stunning piece.

  3. Sherry: Thank you very much. Too many let their fear overcome their love, and so some of the most beautiful things pass from the world...

    Jingle: Thank you very much as well, I'm glad you enjoyed.

  4. Thanks for linking,
    love to have your work exposed to wider audience..
    support us by visiting 5 or 6 poets near your own entry..
    have fun exploring...
    your talent rocks.

  5. Looksfar: strange, but I am not able to grasp the object of this poem. Could you help me with what I am missing?

  6. Hmm... maybe there are no myths of Dragons in India? Dragons are a mythological creature, a sorta giant flying reptile that often breathed fire but not always. They were made half of fresh like you and me and half of the very elements of the world (fire, water, earth, air). One of my greatest joys is writing new mythologies, this is supposed to be a past age when dragons still flew the skies. I wrote this for a friend of mine who dearly loves dragons and feels a connection to them in some way. I hope this helps, if not please ask more questions and I will try to give more detailed answers.