Weather you walk your path in total darkness or blazing light you are equally blind. But blend the two into balanced portions and your path becomes much clearer.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Always I have watched you

When you were born I was there

A happy father proud of his new born children

Young, beautiful and full of such limitless promise

I loved you so much then... I still do

I laughed in joy as you took your first faltering steps

My pride and love growing

I watched with great concern each time you fell and broke your young bones

But each time I was there to dry your tears and help you to your feet once again

Change brings great pain but also equal growth and strength

I watched in growing awe as you began to master your environment

I would have preferred for you to master yourself first

But children often grow in unexpected ways

So I waited patiently always there to help if asked

As time passed my concern grew

The outside world was the easier aspect of reality to master

When would you start to master your inner selves

The lack of attention to the other halves of yourselves is poisoning you

Why do you fear it so

Why do you so rarely ask for help

Why do you not accept help when it is given

This cannot go on for the poison from your hearts is now spilling into the outer world

I cannot fix your problems only you can

But always I will love you

Always I will help you

Always I will watch you


  1. I know this feeling - a parent watching in dismay as kids are determined to find out everything the hard way, out there in the world so fraught with dangers. Very profound poem. Lovingly expressed. Your kids are lucky to have such a good father. I hope they hear you, hope they make it through in one piece. Good work.

  2. Thank you, I hope they make it through as well... I truly do.

    It has been a long time now and they have been walking down a very dark path.

  3. "The poison from your hearts"? Is something wrong?
    A loving brother and a loving parent. Very touching. Parents always feel protective of their children. I felt so for my sis, always. But we have to let go at some point of time.. let them bloom and grow into their own person. Tough, but inevitable.

  4. Yes there is, but I have to trust in them.

    I am very loving but I have a difficult time expressing this face to face. If you met me in person you would most likely find me to be slightly cold and distant seeming. I don't want to be this way.

    You are right, it is very difficult to let go and let them make their own mistakes. I just wish they did all bloom and grow, but not all who I love do...

  5. True, and it hurts to see them fall and get hurt, probably makes us feel guilty too for being responsible for not having protected them from the danger... but then, as I said, it is tough and it is their chosen path and they have to tread it anyway.
    Yet I do understand the helplessness you are hinting at too.

  6. I understand, I've tread my own dark path to get here and they have to have the same freedom.

    Thank you for your understanding.