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Thursday, September 23, 2010

In the attic

This is a departure from my standard style of writing. But I was in a lighthearted mood so I decided to try writing something different, and this was quite fun and enjoyable to create. Enjoy!


He was an unremarkable man

He was born to an unremarkable family

Was of average height, weight and looks

Maintained an average GPA in school, didn't go to college

He worked his entire life 9 to 5 at the local steel mill, until he retired

He died an unremarkable death of a heart attack at the age of 72

He was not married, he didn't have children and none of his family could be found

So the state claimed his house and property

When the appraiser entered his house to estimate the value of the contents something remarkable occurred

The appraiser soon stumbled out of the unremarkable house with a look of madness in his eyes

All the man could say was 'in the attic' over and over

His colleagues who entered the attic soon after all exited the house in a similar changed state

The police were called to investigate but all who entered where never the same again

Quickly the FBI descended and quarantined the house but all who entered changed forever

As the government was debating on weather or not to destroy the house something even more remarkable began to happen

Riots started breaking out all over the nation, spiritual movements grew in intensity many people walking away from their jobs to join

Social movements quickly gained incredible strength and following creating swiftly growing changes in the fabric of society

Those who ruled trembled in fear as they tried to find the cause of the social unrest

Their investigators worked hard but were hampered by the seeming chaos

They eventually discovered that at the core of each movement was one of the individuals who had been in the attic

They who ruled moved quickly to destroy this unremarkable house

But they were far too late for the people of the nation moved as one and removed them from power


  1. I have often dreamed...hoped that this could happen. Remarkable poem. :)

  2. I as well, it is a pleasant little poem.

    I'm glad you enjoyed.

  3. Thank you again, I hope you continue to enjoy my work.