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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We Hunger

This one is quite different than most of my others, so be warned it is dark and feral. All my life I've had a deep love of wolves to the point where I now volunteer at a local wolf sanctuary that is there to take in usually abused wolves and wolf hybrids that have been abandoned by or taken from foolish people who think a wolf is a cool guard dog. A wolf is not a pet, love them but do not try to own them.

This is a tribute to the loving passionate wolves.


We hunger

The prey is scented

We are alert

We are ready

We move and the many become one

We quicken, the wind from our passage flowing through our fur

We slow as we near the prey

She has not caught our scent yet

Keeping the wind in our noses we surround the prey

But just as the circle closes she catches our scent and is off

As one we race after her

The blood races through our veins

Our hearts quicken in time with each other

The prey stumbles and slows for her leg is lame

This is why we chose her

Quickly we catch up and surround her

Tightening the circle we nip and bite

Here and there weakening her

The sweet tangy scent of blood fills our noses

Blood flowing from many wounds she stumbles

The strongest of us tears at her throat and she falls

Quickly the sweet still living flesh and blood fills our hungry muzzles

We hunger no longer

For now


  1. A different piece indeed, though still a great read, giving the reader an intense setting all the way through. I love how it never lets down, until the end, and the last two lines really sum up the poem well! =)


  2. Thank you very much.

    I most ironic things about this poem and those who may be disturbed by it is that I could have just as easily replaced the wolves with humans.

    Not that long ago humans used to hunt in a very similar manner to wolves... we still have the hunt buried within our hearts, just under the thin veneer of 'civilization'.

  3. another lovely piece.
    Thanks for the talent and enthusiasm in your work.


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  5. Hello there and your very welcome. I will take a look at your poetry potluck.

  6. Thanks...
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  7. Hmm... unfortunately the four elements drew a blank for me, so I submitted an older poem. It's not the four elements, but it is a bit elemental in nature.