Weather you walk your path in total darkness or blazing light you are equally blind. But blend the two into balanced portions and your path becomes much clearer.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The two become one

At your touch who I was breaths it's last

That ancient part of my soul having fulfilled its purpose gently falls into endless dreams of peace

The trap has sprung, the bait has been eagerly taken

We are reborn never to be the same again

We open our new born eyes and gaze on the graves of who we were

We kneel in respect saying our final goodbyes

As we turn away without a backward glance a new world opens up before us

No longer two broken halves but one harmonious whole

The world changes with our every step


I wrote this months ago and forgot about it until now. There is a deep and long story behind this which I wrote about in the poem 'The Hope of Love' and several others I haven't posted yet. In fact I'd say this describes a defining aspect of my soul, which I feel the need to write about over and over, trying to get it properly expressed...


  1. "We open our newborn eyes on the graves of who we were".........very beautiful. I love "the world changes with our every step." Yes, that's what love does. Beautiful writing!

  2. "At your touch who I was breaths it's last".. beautiful expression of how love changes us into something we never were. :) It's a treat to read your poetry! Looking forward to more. ~Punam

  3. Sherry: Your enjoyment of my words honors me. Thank you once again.

    Punam: Love has changed me in ways I've sought for so long but was not expecting at all. Thank you as well for the honor of your enjoyment.


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  5. Jingle: True love is true harmony. I'll take a look at the poets rally.

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    Thanks a lot.

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